RE: Kitchen Floor Renovation

To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you: Scott, Eric, Matt, Rafael, Matt [laid the vinyl], Jim and this gentleman who worked one day with Rafael. He called himself just a "handyman", but he was a true "craftsman". What a "GREAT" group of men, so professional and talented. They felt like family and they were so helpful.
We are so happy with the renovation and the quality of work. We live in a 55 & older community and have a Referral Book @ our Villa to refer companies and people have done work on our homes in Toscana. I will refer Reel Construction and put you in the book. Also, I must thank Susan Holloway, Office Manager. She was so professional and helpful when I called and had questions and so prompt and clear with the estimate and contract papers. Thank you REEL CONSTRUCTION, each and everyone of you.

Sincerely, Pat and Bernie S.

Dear Susan Holloway, Office Manager,

We would be remiss if we didn't take this time to thank all of you for the wonderful services you provided in taking care of our Insurance Claim.
How fortunate for us to have your company doing the repairs on our home and property.
Our communications with your office staff is always a pleasant experience. We would also like to acknowledge the gentlemen that did the work. Todd, Alex, Jimmy, Agustin and Ron. They truly know how to work as a team and they really do quality work. It was truly a pleasure having them here. I might also add that they are funny with their humor in picking on each other.
I am sure you will express our thanks to each and every one of your staff and construction workers. Although we have not met the painters yet, we are very confident that they will do a quality job.

Very Sincerely, Joyce C.

Hello Dennis,

It has been my pleasure to work with Eric Agerholm and Kelly Messinger on the renovation of our home a 956 Dana Court in Incline Village. The project (which started in January and was completed in July) was extensive and, as is often the case with remodeling, had its share of complexities and complications. In short, Eric, Kelly and I were a collaborative team working through these issues to come up with the best solutions possible.
Both Eric and Kelly are innovative, resourceful and just old-fashioned smart! If I communicated the end result I was seeking, they knew the best way to get us there. If I needed help to understand the possible solutions, they communicated to me the options available.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the humor and good will that was injected in so many of our conversations. We all know that home renovation can bring out the worst in people, however, our collective good spirits and positive approach got us through smoothly!
I have spoken highly of Eric, Kelly and Reel Construction to my Bay Area and Incline Village friends and acquaintances who know of the pipes bursting incident in our home and the subsequent remodel. I can only hope that my positive tale brings Reel future business!

Best, Nancy A and Gus G

To all at Reel,

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you bringing our home back to normal. We were very impressed with the skill, neatness and teamwork of your employees. Reel construction is just amazing!

Thank you again, Jim & Karen Wilson